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Since 1981, MingPu Precision Industrial plays stamping & press products fabrication established in Taipei county.

We, an 100% OEM job provider, not an off-the-shelf product owner, leverage all our competence in meeting clients' goal and protection of their original, relentlessly strive to evolve our business on offering better service, meeting the increasingly diverse needs of our customers in the industrial and car motor industries; not just 40 years manufacture experience, veteran employee, complete flowchart and system; various in-house equipment, practical facility, wide space and capacity, we consistently focused on exceeding customers' expectation as our core value.

Located in Taoyuan city, conveniently, we are close to the international airport of Taiwan, meanwhile, where surrounding us is Youth Industrial Park, we can easily facilitate coupling with many international grade manufacturing alliances, with over 1,980 square meter (21,313 square feet) workshop space so far.




Our products mainly focused on metalworks applied on a motor, especially, those with critical demand over spec., such as EPS motors, which are applied on an automobile/motorcycle/beach buggy etc.

Turn-key solution over a metalwork supply is our service, we have our own mold dept matched with experienced staffs so we can save much time, starting our service from mold design in no time as the product drawing arrived and as the drawing and spec. study quickly and completely been finished, the quote created naturally, the project starts to flow thereby

The service parameter of the production we are offering are machining/ bending/shearing/brushing/polishing/welding/heat treatment/riveting/assembly and packaging, can meet almost all your request on the products whatever over precise dimension demand and or exquisite outface



  • brass
  • beryllium copper
  • bronze
  • aluminum
  • stainless steel
  • steel………

Progressive mold:

  • buckle
  • gasket
  • washer
  • grommet……..etc.

Rest stamping & press product:

  • motor shell
  • bracket
  • shrapnel
  • spring piece(sheet)
  • core of motor rotor or stator
  • metalwork……etc.

Drawing article:

  • motor cover
  • grotesque metalwork…….etc.

Insert molding:

  • Kernel holder of motor stator
  • kernel holder of motor rotator

Other service:

  • assembly
  • welding
  • soldering
  • riveting
  • cleansing
  • electroplating
  • electrodepositing
  • electrolyzing……..etc.


We underpinned by Taigene, Shihlin Electric, YAMAHA Motor Electronics, RECHI who are popular in the global industrial business through our excellent product quality and price.

Equipped with assorted accurate gauges(2.5D video measurer), MingPu Precision Industrial absolutely can satisfy you all the OEM requests same as to our esteem final end customers : GM / Ford / Chrysler / Fiat / PSA group(Peugeot / Citroen).

The Peak philosophy, Ming Pu precision industrial destined to cooperate with customers and reach is “ 3 key accounts below”:

0% defect endurance

Clean production environment

Traceable production ID



The on-line information meter shows the most update condition of production on M/C dynamically; use scientific thinking and facilities to boost the best output and quality control.